A revolutionary technology in collection, handling and storage of biological samples

FlexiQuot History

We wanted to make a study that investigated the effect of growth hormone treatment on metabolism, morphology and quality of life. We were planning a large sample cohort available for analysis, but we couldn’t agree beforehand how to divide and use them.
Suddenly we realized that is wasn’t rational to make the decision now where our knowledge was to limited to make an informed decision – a more practical method had to be possible. We needed a method for preparing for a unknown future of new possibilities
Consequently we came up with the idea of having cryotubes that could be divided in smaller samples without thawing and deteriorating the sample – and the idea of the FlexiQuot was born. Now we don’t have to predict how the biomaterial can or shall be used in the future.

The need

Biomarker research has progressed significantly in the later years and the research opportunities continuously increases and the platform technologies keeps improving. Consequently flexible use and storage of biomaterial at a cost effective way is needed.

In detail:

  • The continuous advances in biomarker research make it impossible for scientists to predict upfront how biological sample material can be fully utilized when the material is collected and stored initially
  • New and improved technologies for biomarker analysis, new biomarkers identified and new use of existing biomarkers, may result in new future research opportunities
  • In order to make optimal use of their limited and valuable sample material scientists needs storage tools that easily allow for flexibility, so that new and future research opportunities can be pursued
  • When using standard 1 ml tubes cumbersome and time consuming work procedures are required as well as the need for a larger amount of individual vessels which also requires more storage space
  • When using standard 5 ml tubes biological sample material deteriorates from thawing and re-freezing making flexibility in research design impossible
  • A storage vessel that combines the flexibility of the 1 ml cryo tube with the cost effectiveness of the 5 ml cryotube is consequently much needed

No cryotubes available today offer both such flexibility and cost effectiveness. FlexiQuot provides this exact combination and is the first product defining the next generation in cryotubes for biomarker research:

  • The unused sample material is not thawed but kept frozen and intact
  • Saves preparation time and subsequently labor costs
  • Saves freezer space and subsequently electricity costs


You are aliquoting hundreds, or even thousands, of samples for cryostorage.

If you are storing samples in multiple smaller tubes, the pipetting and labelling is a lengthy work task with potential errors.
if you are storing samples in larger tubes you cannot avoid multiple thaw-freeze cycles, which have an undoubtable negative impact on the quality and stability of the samples and consecutively on your results.

FlexiQuot® dividable cryotubes help you optimize frozen sample storage: With its ability to hold multiple aliquots in one vial, you can break off what you need and leave the rest in the freezer – so break free from pipetting samples into multiple vials and enjoy the FlexiQuot® advantages:

Flexibility and speed
5 aliquots but just 1 tube

No errors
Filled and labelled with one movement

Better use of freezer storage
Up to 20% space savings

Steady sample quality
By avoiding freeze – thaw cycles

Ideal sample tracking
Labels on each aliquot

Low contamination risk
No contact with the sample

First dividable cryotube worldwide and first really new product in cryopreservation in more than 15 years

Production & Quality:
FlexiQuot® tubes are produced by top Swiss manufacturer, GEMÜ Switzerland, certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The tubes are ETO sterilised, the process is validated according to ISO 11137.

The Award-Winning FlexiQuot® Labels​

The first product innovation in over 15 years in the cryostorage field of course deserves best-in-class supporting products, thus we are offering an innovative label for our innovative tube. The FlexiQuot® label has already attracted a lot of attention in the field: Winner of the 35th FINAT Innovation Award Europe, and nominee for the FINAT Global Label Award, the  labels have mastered the challenges put on them during development: The materials and adhesive withstand temperatures of up to minus 196° over years, the form and die-cut show high-quality craftsmanship in compliance with the smallest possible tolerances and the usability is well thought through for ease in application.

The labels are packed in the form of a roll. Each label consists of five pieces, one for each aliquot, and is placed on three parallel paper strips which make proper application of the label incredibly easy. The user can either print on them using a thermal printer, or write on them with a marker. There is a selection between blank and printed labels and the option of custom made labels, including with printed QR code

If the user would like to print on the labels, the EOS series printers by cab is an excellent solution. Excellent quality, easy to use and with a free software that can create fully customized FlexiQuot® labels according to the customer’s needs: 1-D barcode, 2-D barcode, text or anything else. FlexiQuot® Labels have been tested with the cab EOS printers and the result is excellent. 1CryoBio can offer this solution to customers who prefer to avoid writing by hand.

The labels were designed and produced in collaboration with TOVENCA AG, who specialise in development, production and marketing of self-adhesive products, printed products and die-cut products in standard and special designs for over 30 years. All manufacturing processes take place in clean room environments and meet the highest quality standards. Even the international standards are exceeded here. Tovenca’s products are mainly used by clients for whom quality, safety, reliability, and aesthetics are of utmost importance. It is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

With the assistance of Tovenca and their guaranteed experience, 1CryoBio offers fully customized labels for any other kinds of cryopreservation products in general (cryotubes, cryoboxes, racks etc). The labels can have any design, color, shape and dimensions, according to the customer’s wish and needs. Please contact us for more information.


FlexiQuot was only the beginning! But we wanted to go beyond.

The idea was to incorporate the principle of multiple aliquots in one device into a much broader process; sample cryopreservation anyway is the last part of a sequence of steps and processes involving several steps and disposable material. If the final sample is plasma, then it is about blood drawing, centrifuging, pipetting, plasma mixing, separating into aliquots, storing in the freezer.

All these steps determine the quality of a plasma sample and because on non-standardized processes, there is no guaranteed control on the sample quality that gets eventually frozen.

It would be revolutionary if a device existed that could be used from blood collection to plasma cryopreservation. This tube is currently developed by a European consortium led by 1CryoBio and is called ICENESS! The ICENESS project is partly funded by Eurostars, an EU funding scheme for starups and SME’s

The goal is to replace existing vacuum blood collection tube and allow direct separation of blood cells from plasma to keep the cells for direct analysis and the plasma for cryostorage.

ICENESS consists of three basic parts: blood drawing, plasma separation and plasma storage, all in one tube! But it is more than just a tube. Featuring advanced technology in identification and with functional accessories, it is going to be a unique storage system embedded into the customer’s lab processes, substituting materials and procedures, from blood sampling to plasma cryopreservation.

We will be very happy to talk to you about this exciting project! You can contact us directly via mail or phone.


Customized Products

For optimal handling and processing of FlexiQuot® cryotubes, a range of supporting products are available:

Cryostorage boxes for FlexiQuot®

For use as rack for pipetting as well as subsequent cryostorage we recommend cryoboxes with a cover, for better diffusion of the cold in the box, and minimum internal height of 11 cm. The box from National Lab is a very good solution. You can find the box in different colours here (130 x 130 x 128 mm) and the inserts to hold the tubes here. For FlexiQuot® 8 x 8 inserts in plastic or carton work well.

With a deep know-how in injection molding 1CryoBio can offer customized versions of FlexiQuot®, in different volumes and aliquot numbers.

Advanced identification technology is available (2D barcode on the bottom and/or labels, RFID, others).

Please contact us for more information.

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