Our Solutions

Addressing the needs for more efficient solutions for everyone that collects and stores biological samples.

1CryoBio offers a breakthrough technology that revolutionizes sample collection, storage and management.

Collection and Preparation

Our revolutionary technology reduces sample preparation time and eliminates mix-ups and labelling errors. ICENESS extends to all steps of the sample lifetime, including collection, for a total control of sample quality.


Up to 20% freezer space savings can be achieved with our technology, with subsequent benefits in the electricity costs. Customized racks for all products will cover customer needs for sample storage and easy identification.


Ideal sample tracking is ensured by award-winning smart labels, applied on all aliquots at once. Technologically advanced identification solutions (QR code, RFID) in our upcoming products.

Handling & Management

Our dividable cryotube technology puts an end to freeze-thaw cycles and guarantee excellent sample quality over time. With our consumables and software we offer a total control of the samples as long as they are stored in the freezer.s.

Key benefits

Our technology offers highest sample quality, reduces costs as well as sample preparation time and eliminates error

Excellent sample quality

Avoidance of freeeze-thaw cycles through divisibility results in quality samples over all their lifetime

Flexibility & Speed

Multiple aliquots single-step filled and labelled in one tube reduces drastically sample preparation time

Better use of freezer storage

Up to 20% savings result in lower electricity costs

No errors

Fewer consumables per sample, single-step labelling and less pipetting eliminate errors in sample preparation & management

Ideal Sample Tracking

Award-winning labels and advanced identification solutions like QR code and RFID guarantee fast and flawless sample tracking

Lower contamination risk

No touch with the remaining sample reduces the possibility for sample contamination

What is FlexiQuot®?

Fill. Freeze. Snap.

One tube per sample with 5 aliquots. No freeze-thaw cycles and excellent sample quality. Time and money saving. No errors.

FlexiQuot® is manufactured in ISO certified facilities.

A strong Global Network

1CryoBio AG is developing its products in close collaboration with a growing network of partners and advisors across competence fields.

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